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New Examiner promo offers up chance at cash- $250 or $1000

New Examiner promo offers up chance at cash- $250 or $1000

Seeking a shot at some easy money?  Just take a photo of a friend, family member or other loved one with the Lake County Examiner on your next outing. It can be in Lake County, out of Lake County…. any where in the world. Submit it to the Examiner and if used your name, (must be submitted by someone 18 years of age or older) will be entered into a drawing next December for $250 cash!

The Examiner’s latest promotion, aptly titled “Where in the World is the LCE?,” is seeking photographic images of folks holding a copy of Lake County’s newspaper of record from varied locations. Photos should be submitted via e-mail to tflynn@lakecountyexam.com, or via standard mail to the Lake County Examiner, 739 N. 2nd St., Lakeview 97630.

But if photography isn’t your thing you can still play and possibly win $1000!!

Thanks to our sponsors: True Value, Tnet Broadband Internet, Golden Gem, Howard’s Drugs, Desert Rose Funeral Chapel, Niche Boutique, Hall Motor Company and A Country Home Floral the Examiner will be publishing a weekly photo of a LCE reader with their Examiner somewhere in the world. The following week we will publish who it was and where they were. Or if you can’t wait, you can visit a sponsor, as they will have limited number of early bird cards with the information the same day the paper is published for customers.

Now here’s the catch. In December we will be publishing the photos and the accompanying information. And those who chose can play the game of matching the photo with the copy. If you get them all correct — your name will be entered to win $1,000 Lakeview Gift Certificate

For more information, call 541-947-3378.

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