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New Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area coordinator hired

A new coordinator for the Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area program was recently hired, with Jason Jaeger assuming the reins earlier this month.

Jaeger will assume varied responsibilities associated with the local weed management efforts, including coordinating grant funding, overseeing finances for the countywide weed management area delegating grants for the weed management program throughout the county.

This role will afford Jaeger the opportunity to interact with Lake County residents in addressing noxious and invasive weeds throughout Lake County’s borders.

A large contingency of residents have received grant funds for weed management purposes in past years, but Jaeger is looking to seek out and meet with those that have not.

The northern part of the county, in particular, is an area in which he is setting his sights for increasing outreach and information sharing.

Some of the most common variations of invasive species found in the county include scotch thistle, spotted knapweed, perennial pepperweed and yellow starthistle, Jaeger said.

Jaeger noted that noxious weeds could present a number of adverse impacts for agricultural producers by reducing the amount of workable range and reducing the marketability of product.

“Nobody wants to buy a bunch of hay with weed seeds in it,” he said.

Jaeger, who has called Adel home since 2003, studied for a Bachelor’s of Science degree in animal science from Oregon State University, and his experience in agriculture spans a lifetime.

Work brought him to Lake County originally, moving from Condon.  He previously worked for the Crump Ranch.

Despite continuing tight economic conditions, the Oregon Department of Agriculture recognizes the value in the weed management program.

In the world of invasive weeds, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure; and then some.

“Control early on is better than control later on,” he said.

For more information on the program, contact Jason Jaeger at 541-219-0537, or via e-mail at lakecountyweeds@gmail.com.  Also visit lakecountyweeds.wordpress.com.

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