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New Leehmann fire station ready for use

New Leehmann fire station ready for use

A new station in the works for the area north of Lakeview around Bauers Creek is finally completed.  The site, named the Leehmann Station, sits near the intersection of Bauers Creek Road and Hwy 395.

Robbie Leehmann provided the land for the station, which the Lakeview Rural Fire Protection District is leasing.  Construction began during the spring of this year, the project beginning around a year ago.

Three vehicles will be located on-site, a structure fire engine, a wildland fire truck and a water tender.  With the exception of the water tender, the trucks and equipment for the station were drawn from resources already owned by the Rural Fire District.

The main reason for the new station was to help homeowners north of town that are outside a 5-mile distance from the Lakeview fire station.  Those homes are rated a 10 by home insurance companies, which assign an 8B rating to homes within the five-mile radius, and a five to those within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant.

A ten is the worst, equivalent to having no fire protection at all.  Homeowners in the Rural Fire Protection District that live within five miles of the new station can contact their insurance to have them talk to the Fire Chief, Dennis Morrill, for a new fire rating classification.

Those residing within fire miles of the new station but not currently in the fire district can call their insurance company and see what type of savings might be available upon annexation into the district.

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