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New lumberyard opens on Christmas Valley Highway

New lumberyard opens on Christmas Valley Highway


A longtime contractor in Christmas Valley is opening a new lumberyard business out of an old mechanic’s shop along Christmas Valley Hwy.

Jacob Lambert, or Jake as he prefers to be called, owns Jacob Lambert Construction, LLC, and will be adding on a lumber company.

Over the past few weeks, he’s been getting the office area set up with a few members of his family – his wife, Torri, and son, Jacob, Jr.

“Right now each of us is taking a couple days.  I’m trying to work the store so we can be open five days a week,” said Lambert.  He’s spent 13 years in contracting, and has built several houses around the Christmas Valley area.    This includes one claimed to be the largest house by square footage in Lake County, with 9,000 sq. ft. and three stories.

Lambert grew up near Christmas Valley, but moved to Central Oregon to work, building in Sisters and moving back again to raise his kids.

Early on, his uncle was building in Silver Lake, so Lambert helped him from around 1997 on until the work got slow.

In Sisters he worked as a general manager for a company, later going into business for himself.

For his new business, Lambert has been getting lumber from Bend Building Solutions, buying directly through the owner.

“I’ll still be doing general contracting,” he said, “but I’ll be trying to turn some work over to other contractors and do more custom homes.”

Lambert intends to spruce up the front of the building he’s bought for the lumberyard to make it look more like a construction business.  He speculated that he might do some beam work as well.

Lambert thought the  business might eventually call something simple like “Lambert Lumber”.

The shop is located at 86861 Christmas Valley Hwy, and so far Lambert has said he’s had a very good response from the community.   “If half the people who say they will come in do, we’ll do good business,” said Lambert.

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