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New meets old – Terri Haven becomes museum curator

New meets old – Terri Haven becomes museum curator

The Lake County Museum recently gained a new curator, Terri Haven.

Haven joined the museum on July 29, after seeing an advertisement the Museum ran in an earlier edition of the Examiner, Haven thought she would be a good fit and ended up receiving the position.  She loves history and collects antique glass, quilts, and shares a collection of old clocks and pocket watches with her husband John.  Her fascination with the past extends to her family history as well and Haven has been researching her family genealogy for the past five years.

Haven believes her work history has helped prepare her for this job as well, as her most recent experience was working as a librarian at the local elementary and high schools.  As a librarian, she helped people with research, gathering information, and learning about the past, very much like her new job as curator.

“I think knowledge of the past is essential to people and cultures in general,” Haven says of her passion about the museum and its history.  Her favorite exhibits are the Native American artifacts, especially the beadwork and hand-woven baskets, which she says are particularly interesting because of her own experience in crafts and basket making.

The museum is located at 118 S. E St., the museum is open to the public from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

For more information, you can contact Haven at the Lake County Museum at 541-947-2220 during their regular business hours, or leave a message.

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