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New member, traditional services at ESD

Preceding the other items of business and discussion for the meeting, Lake County Education Service District (ESD) member Clayton Sharp was officially sworn in after his approval at the previous meeting.

The ESD board met on Wednesday, Dec. 18, to discuss ESD finances, policy updates and local service plans in addition to the swearing in ceremony.

John Griffin joined the group by telephone, being in the process of recovering from an injury.

Members of the board then gave individual reports, with Dale Chiono lamenting that he had ‘forgotten the goat’ for Sharp’s swearing-in.  Vicky Taylor, on a more serious note, mentioned a pipe had broken in the ESD office building during cold December weather, but no major damage was sustained.

ESD Supt. Bob Nash outlined his service plan for the upcoming school year, both in Lakeview and in the North Lake School District.  “It’s been a busy month,” Nash said.  He mentioned he’d been to meetings of each of the school boards in Paisley, Plush, Adel and Lakeview, talking with them about ESD services.

He mentioned that emergency response protocols for local schools may become standardized in the near future based on a model coming out of Colorado.

Other informational items included the hire of an Early Intervention/Early Child Special Education program assistant and progress in teacher mentoring, as well as an 8th/9th grade mentoring grant being applied for by the ESD.

As mentioned in his report to the School District 7 Board of Directors earlier in the week, Nash plans on having the ESD return to a more traditional service model.  This is mostly just in relation to the services provided by the ESD to District 7 schools. Currently, the ESD provides many ‘flow-through dollar’ services to District  7.  In this case, this means being billed for services like counseling, without the counselors being directly employed by the ESD.Instead, the money goes from the school district to the ESD, which pays the bills.  With a more traditional model, flow-through services would be reduced and the ESD would offer more on-site school psychologist time, library oversight and help with getting new technology.

He had also mentioned problems with the ESD’s budget because of flat funding from the state of Oregon to the District 7 Board.  At the ESD board meeting, he added that a few other ESD groups around the state with flat funding had banded together and were hiring a lobbyist to have it changed.

The board then went over a first reading of new proposed policy changes, which was the final item of business for the meeting.

The Lake County ESD next meets on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m., at Paisley School.

For more information, contact the Lake County ESD office, located at 357 N. L St., at 541-947-3371.

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