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New nuisance complaint form approved by County

A new form recently received approval by Lake County’s Board of Commissioners that addresses complaints related to nuisance properties.

During their Wednesday, May 7, meeting, the commissioners approved a form developed by Lake County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson that guides the public in formally filing property-related complaints.

The form breaks down complaints in an itemized fashion, addressing issues ranging from excessive accumulations of vehicles, junk or vegetation to problem animals. Outhouses are also included in the list, excluding those used in connection with approved construction projects.

Unused appliances and pools of stagnant water are also included in this list of nuisance issues.

The county’s nuisance ordinance governs and provides a process for complaints regarding properties deemed visual blights.

The process affords the public an opportunity to report such properties, often contain excessive amounts of vegetation, yard debris, inoperable vehicles or other forms of solid waste materials to the Board of Commissioners.

Through established procedures, property owners are contacted via written correspondence and provided an opportunity to enact clean-up measures within a prescribed duration prior to the county pursuing additional enforcement measures.

For more information on the new forms, contact the Lake County Planning Department at 541-947-6032.

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  1. Darwin Johnson  May 19, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    The phone number to call is actually (541)947-6036. The number in the article is the old number for planning and building, in which you will only get a recording to call 6036 for planning or 6033 for building.


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