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New office manager at the Examiner

If, by chance, any of our readership happens to give the Examiner office a ring or mosey on by in their travels about town, you will undoubtedly notice a new addition to our illustrious staff.

Jolie Murphy recently joined the ranks of the Lake County Examiner as the newest office manager, officially on board as of

Jolie Murphy has taken  the office manager position at the Lake County Examiner.

Jolie Murphy has taken the office manager position at the Lake County Examiner.

Monday, May 19.

In this role, Murphy will oversee a variety of clerical duties associated with the day-to-day operations of Lake County’s newspaper of record. Some of these duties include overseeing accounts payable, circulation, collections, billing and general oversight of the Examiner office.

Murphy noted that part of the attraction to the position was the opportunity to work with the public at large.  Previous managerial and accounting experience will also prove handy in her daily tasks, she said.

And, of course, busy-ness is a part of the newspaper business, as she has learned thus far.

“You face a new challenge every day,” she said.  “No two days are redundant.”

Born and raised in Fort Rock, Murphy finished high school in Sisters, graduating in 2007.  She moved to Paisley a year later, establishing the Paisley Perk coffee stand that continues to thrive as a popular gathering place in Paisley.

For a few years, she commuted to Bend to work for Bank of America before returning to Lake County and working for Carter-Jones Collection Service, Inc., for just over a year.

From December 2013 until earlier this month, Murphy worked as a field clerk on site at the geothermal power plant site in Paisley.

Her husband, Brady, works for the family’s Murphy Ranch in Paisley, and the couple has two children; Katie Rose, 3, and Everett, 1.

The couple is actively involved serving as chairpersons for the Paisley Rodeo, LLC, organization, which she said recently signed a 10-year lease with the City of Paisley on the local horse arena.

The group is working to put on roping and kids events each year, she said, in maintaining the Western heritage tradition of the community.

Both Jolie and Brady are also avid bowhunters, and the Lake County life affords them ample opportunity to partake in this recreational pastime.  They are also active members of the Faith Center Four Square Church.

“I am really pleased to have Jolie join our staff. She’s smart, positive and a real go-getter!” said G.M. Tillie Flynn

For more information, contact the Lake County Examiner, located at 739 N. 2nd St., at 541-947-3378.

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