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New Online Feature Affords Patients Access to Personal Medical Information, history

May 7, 2014 by

Lake Health District recently implemented a new feature to its web site that affords patients accessibility to their medical information via Internet-capable devices.

Known as a ‘Patient Portal,’ patients may safely and securely access their medical records through an online account.

All that’s needed to set up their account is an e-mail address, so that the patient may create a login name and password.  Security questions are provided, as well, in case the user forgets his or her login information or password.

Yoemy Waller, Lake District Hospital’s information systems/technology head, said that this new option came online as of April 1.

“We try to provide better information for people so they can make better decisions with their health,” she said.

Waller noted that such access would be helpful in an instance where a patient is out of town for a medical appointment and cannot recall specific prescriptions or allergies.

In an instant, the patient can log into their account via their Smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad and look up whatever personal medical information is needed.

Also available through this new system is a patient’s numbers as related to specific laboratory tests.  Waller noted that, at present, ranges are not included, but will be included on the district’s forthcoming new web site so patients will be able to view how their lab results stack up against established range numbers.

A patient’s back history is available up to four years past, Waller said, as details of their history beyond that is no longer available due to changes in medical record-keeping that have taken place.

Similarly, medical images from radiology is not available in the portal, though the records do indicate if images are available from that department.

This new online option is a benefit not only for patients, but physicians, as well, Waller said, as it streamlines the search for specific information.

Waller said that the district would be showcasing this new online service at this year’s Dr. Daly Days Community Health Fair in June.

For more information, contact 541-947-2114, ext. 173, or 541-947-8111.

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