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New recycling services available in Lakeview

For those seeking to ‘go green,’ there have been many challenges associated with the rural, isolated location of Lakeview, where recycling is concerned.

Now there is a new option available, thanks to Warner Mountain Recycling.

The business, which opened officially for business as of May 29, offers a wide array of recycling services at its location near the Lake County Industrial Park.  The business is owned by office manager Sara Peet’s father, Ray Short, who also owns and operates North State Recycling in Redding, Calif., as well as Russ’s Recycling in Alturas, Calif.

Previously, recycling of scrap metal and appliances was operated on a billed basis with the Lake County Landfill, Peet said, but ultimately a new option was needed for local services.

“The main thing was to get the plastics out of the dump,” she said.

Peet noted that a lot of Lakeview customers would frequent Russ’s Recycling in Alturas, due to its relatively close proximity to the Oregon-California border.  As a result, the new local station was dreamt into reality.

About the only materials they do not accept is glass, Peet said, as it is not cost feasible to process.

“As long as it has the recycling sign on it, we can take it,” she said.

Aluminum can recycling is not offered on the state refund basis of 5 cents per container, but rather on an established scrap value per pound, Peet said.

As an authorized automobile dismantler, Warner Mountain Recycling is able to accept cars and trucks with titles, as well as automotive batteries, provided the latter are not cracked.  Once cracked, they are deemed a hazardous material, Peet said.

The recycling operation also accepts appliances for recycling, but not on a cash payment basis.

“We buy all sorts of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous,” Peet said.

Warner Mountain Recycling is located at 1250 S. 12th St., and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, call 541-947-2582.

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