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New Sheriff’s Dept. patrol boat

New Sheriff’s Dept. patrol boat

Lake County Sheriff’s Office will soon have a new patrol boat to help marine law enforcement patrolling the county’s high elevation lakes.

The Marine Board recently procured a special purpose skiff to help Lake County’s marine patrols access waterways in rugged areas.

The new patrol boat is a 14-foot River Hawk open skiff, with a 20 horsepower Suzuki fuel-injected outboard motor. This boat is easy to transport and trailer on remote roads and will operate at a fraction of the fuel costs used by their previous boat.

The River Hawk was purchased with a combination of county cash and a trade in value of the old patrol boat. The purchase price was $2,000.

The average age of the current Marine Board boat fleet statewide is 15 years. The Marine Board developed a procurement and retention schedule similar those used for law enforcement vehicles and is retiring older boats with newer models that require less fuel and maintenance.

For more information about the Marine Board’s partnership with county Sheriff’s offices for marine patrol services, visit http://www.oregon.gov/OSMB/BoatLaws/pages/index.aspx.

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