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New station under construction for Lakeview Rural Fire district

Lakeview Rural Fire Protection District is currently building a new fire station.

It will be located at Baures Creek, north of Lakeview and Hwy 395. Construction on the fire house is expected to be completed by mid July, and it is scheduled to be operational shortly thereafter.

The Rural Fire District is contracted with the Town of Lakeview for fire protection services for its district, which encompasses approximately 72 miles.

The entire area is served with one station that is located in Lakeview.

The equipment and apparatus of the Rural Fire Department has increased over the last few years to improve the way insurance rates the fire department’s capabilities to respond to fires, otherwise known as the ISO ratings.

The Rural Fire Board recognized that the best way to help citizens that are in their district save money is to reduce the cost of their homeowner’s insurance.

Currently, homeowners who live in Town within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant are rated a 5, while those that are outside of 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant but within 5 miles of a fire station are rated at an 8B.

If an individual is still in a fire district but further than 5 miles from a station, insurance companies will rate him or her at a 10, which is the equivalent of not having fire protection at all.

Because of that, the Rural Fire District decided that the best way to help those further than 5 miles but still within the district is to build another fire station in which they will place their existing equipment.

Preliminary plans are also in place to build a station near the southern end of Town, but construction is not set to take place any time soon.

For more information, contact Chief Dennis Morrill at 541-947-2054.

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