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New stylist hired at Indulgence salon

New stylist hired at Indulgence salon

A new stylist recently joined the team at Indulgence Classic Hair Design salon in Lakeview.

Jamie Parras is the newest professional stylist to join the team, as she hopped aboard about three weeks ago.

Parras is a resident of Lakeview of about eight months, having moved from Eugene.  She previously lived in Lakeview in the late ‘90s, circa 1998, and her father, Michael Powell, also lives locally.

Living in a small town means a bit of a quiet way of life, but Parras said that she’s enjoyed her return to Lakeview.

“I like small towns,” she said.

While living in Eugene, Parras worked for a private salon, Beyond Styles, for about three years, as well as for Royal Hair Masters.  She also briefly owned her own salon in Prineville.

Parras received her training from Capital School of Hair Design in Wilsonville, from which she graduated in 2002.

She noted that her career goals were set to the upper echelons of aspiration as a child, as she previously held dreams of becoming a model.  Ultimately, style and panache became the focus of her working life in becoming a professional stylist and hairdresser.

“I believe being a hairdresser is (an art form),” she said.

On top of the creative opportunities afforded by her profession, Parras also said that she enjoys the social component to the work, as well.

“I love people, and (being able) to visit,” she said.

Specific areas of specialty include hair coloring, facial waxing, facial massage and cosmetics, she said, and she is also an apt hair stylist.

For more information, contact Indulgence Classic Hair Design, located at 610 N. 2nd St., at 541-947-4273, or Perras directly at 541-417-2140.

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