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New Supt. hired at North Lake School

New Supt. hired at North Lake School

North Lake School District No. 14 recently hired its newest superintendent and principal of the county’s northern-most K-12 school.

David Kerr officially filled the chief administrative role as of Monday, April 22, following the departure of former superintendent Steve Staniak.  Staniak had served as the district’s superintendent since 2007.

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No stranger to the world of education, Kerr taught in Los Angeles city schools from 1977 to 1978, arriving in La Pine in the late ‘70s around the time their school was built.

Ultimately, he spent 29 years in La Pine, serving in capacities as an athletics coach, teacher, athletic director and varied administrative positions.  These roles included assistant, associate and interim principal.

More recently, Kerr spent five years in Prairie City as superintendent and principal of their K-12 school, starting in 2007.  Kerr said he had a year left on his contract when he made the decision to step down from his position early to focus on helping to take care of family.

The call of the clear-toned school bell proved too attractive to resist, however, as he responded to the North Lake district’s call for candidates after the board voted last December to not renew former Supt. Steve Staniak’s contract, set to expire June 30.

Kerr took over this administrative role as of Monday, April 22.

“Being able to meet with kids and staff, it gives me a sense of what I need to do to start up next year,” he said.

Kerr recalled that high school students from the North Lake area attended La Pine High School in the 1980s, so he has seen a cross-section of familiar multigenerational faces in arriving at North Lake School in 2012.

“I love the school,” he said.  “I have a relationship with a lot of people out here.”

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