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No Ducks Unlimited Banquet

For the first time in years, Ducks Unlimited will not be holding an annual fundraising banquet in Lakeview.

For over thirty years the Lakeview chapter of Ducks Unlimited has organized an annual fundraising banquet, one of the top social events on the calendar for many in the community, but by late last year the retirement and departure of several key members in the organization had left a shortage of volunteers needed in order to organize the event.

Since 1937 Ducks Unlimited has worked tirelessly to preserve waterfowl and wetlands to ensure a plentiful wildlife population for hunting and habitat conservation. It is the largest such organization in the world, with over 550,000 members and in excess of 12.5 million acres of wetlands conserved in North America alone.

To help raise funds for the non-profit organization, dinner banquets and other social events are normally held throughout communities, with over 4,000 organized annually across North America.

An underwhelming amount of rainfall this winter could spell trouble for local wetlands, compounded by the lack of local funds typically generated by an annual banquet. A recent Ducks Unlimited banquet held in Klamath Falls raised $40,000 for their causes, including the final phase of a 10-year wildlife enhancement project that will involve the Summer Lake Basin this summer modifying controls for water levels in the area to preserve food sources for water fowl and prevent invasive species.

District Chairman Gary Rose emphasized that despite the setback, the Lakeview chapter of Ducks Unlimited will continue in its goal of conservation of wetland habitats in Lake County and surrounding areas.

Ducks Unlimited activities to preserve wetlands include restoring grasslands and watersheds, acquiring land, planting trees, and working with local landowners to maintain proper nesting grounds for wildlife. Their work is of great importance particularly in the Klamath and Summer Lake Basins, where many snow geese, northern pintails and white-fronted geese call home.

Oregon Ducks Unlimited continues to reach out to the community seeking new volunteers in the hopes that the annual banquet fundraiser and other social events may return next year. Anyone interested in volunteering with Ducks Unlimited should contact Gary Rose at glrose@charter.net or online at www.ducks.org/oregon.

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