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No Horoscope Fan

Please do not waste valuable newspaper space on the newly appearing Weekly Horoscope. The vague comments could apply to anyone, anytime (if you even believe in them at all!)

Horoscopes are readily available on the internet ( a lot of them) television and various other places. If you actually have space that is not devoted to local news, upcoming local events, ads or other things pertinent to Lake County residents, you could make the Sudoku puzzles larger than one inch square, add a color-in connect the dots for the young-uns, or add a feature about local geographic names.

 Mickey Schultz


Editor’s Note: We actually have been running the Horoscope for several months, but are willing to listen to public comments. So if the public wants to weigh in, you can call the Examiner or email (tflynn@lakecountyexam.com) and let us know if we should keep the horoscopes or discontinue.

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