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No More Democrats

Though a registered Democrat, I refuse to vote for any Democrat again this side of the Great Skating Party.  The past 20 years have made certain of that.  Voting for a Republican is, at least, problematical, but I “just say NO” to anyone wearing a (D).

I know not exactly when it was, but one night I went to bed in the United States and woke up the next morning in East Germany.  The IRS, EPA and the NSA – to mention only a few – are targeting citizens.  I have to assume, because I dare to resent this practice, that I number among them.  When DiFi told us that it is “perfectly legal to hunt human beings” most of us assumed it was just one more sophomoric statement of a cerebral indigent speaking on another subject.  Suddenly, her statement is much more ominous – and outright chilling.

So, in the wake of recent revelations, and realizing that the Government and the media have lied to me (about Obama-care, death panels, Fast and Furious, and Benghazi — just to mention a few), I have to ask, Did Obama REALLY win re-election?  How, exactly, can we know?  We can’t trust the Government, and we can’t trust the media.  Meanwhile, I know what Diogenes must have gone through in his search for that ONE honest person.

Mark L. Williams


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  1. DHCollins  July 1, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    The reality is, you lost control of the government decades ago. The day Reagan sat down in office, the people that put him there cemented their power in Washington. They’ve been there ever since.

    They are beyond your abilty to affect by voting. They own the very system itself. You can’t vote your way out of this. Democrat or Republican means nothing.Your vote is worthless.

    Going to take something else. Another American Revolution. The old one has worn off. It needs to be restarted. Because once again, people overseas think they own us.



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