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Non-partisan ordinance approved

Highlights of the Lake County’s Board of Commissioners’ June 4 and 5 meetings included the approval of an ordinance that calls for a change to non-partisanship for the commissioner positions.

The County previously held a public hearing on the matter at its May 15 Lakeview meeting, and another at its Wednesday, June 5, meeting held in Fort Rock.  Once each quarter, the commissioners move their meetings around to Paisley, Fort Rock, Christmas Valley and Silver Lake.

In both hearings, there were no comments of opposition on behalf of the general public.

Following the June 5 hearing, the commissioners voted unanimous approval of the ordinance, which will now be presented before voters in the November general election.

If voters reject the ordinance, it will not take effect and commissioner positions will remain as they current stand.  Commissioners Brad Winters and Ken Kestner were elected on the Republican ticket, while Commissioner Dan Shoun ran as a Democrat.

The commissioners also held a public hearing for the 2013/14 budget at both the June 4 and 5 meetings.  Similarly, there was no public comment submitted.

In other business, the commissioners approved assigning interim Lake County Mental Health director Ben Paz to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization’s Community Advisory Committee, as former LCMH Director Jack Breazeal’s replacement.

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