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Non-union salary range approved by Commissioners

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved the establishment of a salary range for non-union represented county department heads and managers last week.

During their Tuesday, June 24, work session, the Commissioners unanimously approved the proposal as presented by the County’s Business Mgr, Jay Collins.

Those managers not represented by a labor union are termed ‘exempt.’ Ranges for these employees are as follows, reported as minimums and maximums:

Commissioners Assistant: $3,463-$4,104; Jail Lieutenant: $4,495-$5,325; Facilities & Property Manager: $4,164-$4,934; Community Justice Director: $5,313-$6,297; Business Services Director: $4,744-$5,624; Veteran Service Officer: $3,215-$3,810; Planning Director: $4,169-$4,941; Mental Health Director: $5,313-$6,297;Public Health Director: $4,092-$4,850 .

More than a year in the works, this salary range affords the County an opportunity to have a point of reference in establishing fair marketplace compensation for department heads.

Collins noted during the meeting that the County desires to retain quality managers with equitable and appropriate salaries serving as a part of this commitment.

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