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There seems to be some confusion on how the North Lake School Board has conducted the Superintendent evaluations the last few years.

When I first got on the school board in July of 2009, the board did not have an evaluation form or process. After getting training from OSBA on Superintendent Evaluations, I pushed for the board to use the 360 Degree Evaluation form that OSBA recommended.

I was not crazy about the layout, but felt it would be a good start. After we completed this written evaluation of Mr. Staniak, we decided that this form was not the best fit for our district. After talking to other school boards around the state, and researching online of what other states use, we created an evaluation form that fit our district. This written evaluation was completed by board members, then compiled into one evaluation and given to Mr. Staniak on five different occasions from May 2011 to October 2012.

These evaluations were in writing, and Mr. Staniak was given the original board compiled evaluation, along with an explanation of the areas that we had concerns. There was explanation on the written form along with verbal explanations given. The process we used when going into executive session was to meet as a board alone to compile the evaluation and then have Mr. Staniak come into the meeting to receive his written copy, and answer any question he may have.

We did not have the board secretary in the meeting at these times. This was the process that past boards used, and we continued to use. In light of the recent events the board has realized their biggest mistake was being too trusting. Each board member is dedicated to improving their job; we will be making some changes to our process.

Leah Harris, chair 

North Lake School Board 


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