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North Lake recall effort crumbles

Voters resoundingly turned down the recall of North Lake School District No. 14’s five board members in a Feb. 19 special election.

From the results tallied by the Lake County Clerk’s Office following the election, the votes of ‘no’ outnumbered those in support of recall across the board in the varied districts of northern Lake County.

Votes tallied came from the district communities of Silver Lake, Fort Rock and Christmas Valley, the latter of which held the largest numbers of voters.

Board member Shane Forman received a total of 172 votes in favor of recall, versus 409 votes against his recall when all three districts were tallied up. Silver Lake voted 32 in favor and 51 against, while Christmas Valley voted 113 in favor and 288 against and Fort Rock votes indicated 27 in favor and 70 against.

Buckley Church, Jr., received a three-district total of 161 votes for recall and 422 votes against. Silver Lake votes were 30 yes and 52 no, Christmas Valley voted 105 yes and 297 no and Fort Rock voted 26 yes and 72 no.

Leah Harris received 180 votes in favor of recall and 398 votes against, with all districts totaled. In Silver Lake, the breakdown was 35 yes and 48 no, in Christmas Valley 114 yes and 287 no and in Fort Rock 31 yes and 63 no.

Clayton Sharp received 158 votes for recall and 426 votes against, in total.

Dwight Roth received 134 ‘yes’ votes and 446 ‘no’ votes, overall. In Silver Lake, the votes totaled 26 yes and 58 no, while in Christmas Valley the votes were 88 yes and 309 no. Fort Rock votes totaled 20 in favor and 79 opposed to his recall.

Sharp and Harris’ terms are set to expire in 2013, while Forman, Church and Roth’s terms sunset in 2015.

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