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North Lake Softball has busy weekend, loses twice

North Lake Softball has busy weekend, loses twice

North Lake’s softball team had a busy weekend, first traveling to Lakeview to play the cross-town rival Honkers on Friday, April 12, then traveling to Yoncalla to compete against the Eagles on April 13.

On Saturday, when Yoncalla beat the Cowgirls 20-10, the team had a tough time keeping the ball infield, according to assistant coach Jessie Hitchcock. The girls at Yoncalla were whacking the ball around the field with ease, and North Lake couldn’t get them off the field. They had too many errors in that game, which ranged from dropped balls to walked batters. Pitcher Abby Ward pitched the first 3 innings and had as many strikeouts before being relieved by Hollie Fritz, who finished the game for North Lake.

The junior varsity squad has had bad luck recently as every team they’ve played has been of varsity quality. Against Lakeview in their April 12 meeting, they finally got to square off against a fair opponent.

Luckily for North lake, the Honkers have both a junior varsity and a varsity team. The Honkers managed to take the win against the Cowgirls, 18-8. According to Hitchcock, who aids head coach Kerry Caldwell, the team played well. Their scoring has improved with every game, but their defense leaves much to be desired.

“We had some errors,” she said. “Pitching is a problem and so are head games.”

When asked to elaborate, she cited her team’s penchant for getting down on itself. In what has been a difficult season for the young program at North Lake, the girls have often gotten down big against opponents on the scoreboard. There have been no signs of letting up, either, with the amount of errors the team continues to make.

Still, Hitchcock sees a silver lining.

“We got back and scored some runs,” she said.


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