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North Lake spay and neuter clinic a success

Lake County’s Oregon Outback Humane Society set up a Spay and Neuter Clinic at the booster building in Christmas Valley on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14, in conjunction with the Bend Spay and Neuter Project.

The event was worked mostly by volunteers, but the primary doctor of veterinary medicine was Dr. Linx Alexanderson of Bend Spay and Neuter Clinic, whose goal is “to END pet homelessness in Central Oregon through providing high quality, low and no cost spay and neuter services,” according to their website, bendsnip.org.

Homelessness of cats and dogs, as well as the rate at which they procreate due to their natural cycles, are the main problems that the OOHS seeks to combat.

Since the Spay and Neuter Project started in 2005, over 30,000 pets have been spayed or neutered.

Saturday’s event in Christmas Valley marks the first time that dogs have been included, and only the second time a clinic has been set up in Christmas Valley, according to OOHS member and clinic volunteer Wendy Terrill.

“I have to say when we come to Christmas Valley,” she said, “the response is huge. We’re grateful for that.”

Cost is a huge issue when it comes to sterilizing stray cats and dogs, as well as household pets.

The clinic aims to make that affordable, fixing its price at only $20.

The cost covers both dogs and cats, but feral cats are a mere $15. The normal price, according to Terrill, starts at $95 and only goes up.

Females cost more than males, and if the females are in heat or pregnant, the price at a veterinarian’s office “goes up exponentially,” she said.

The clinics themselves have been going on for about a year.

Money is raised for the clinics at the annual OOHS yard sale, which relies strictly on donations, as well as from the money earned from the parking contracts at Lake County’s annual Roundup and Fair.

Since OOHS is a designated charity, all of its proceeds go back into the community, or the projects that benefit the community.

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