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North Lake volleyball loses 3-0 to Trinity

North Lake Volleyball team had a short schedule last week with a tournament in Beaverton cancelled.  Thus, the only match they played during the week was a volleyball game where the North Lake girls faced the Trinity volleyball girls at Trinity Lutheran School in Bend on Friday, Sept. 27.

The North Lake volleyball coach Dan Ward said the Trinity girls had a couple of really good players, and a solid team in general.  The North Lake girls lost 13 points to 25 for the first game, 12 to 25 for the second, and 17 to 25 for the third.

“The girls struggled getting their serves over the net,” said Ward, “And the other team was able to dig anything that got over.”  Their coach also commented that the girls had been working a lot on their passing after the last tournament.

Tracy Fivecoat, the North Lake athletic director, said Noelle Fine and Kendra Murphy of the Cowgirls’ side got some good digs in and Kendra Murphy had some good blocks.

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