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Noxious Weeds Hurting Lakeview Pride

Noxious Weeds Hurting Lakeview Pride

When the Town Council met on Tuesday, July 23, Mayor Mike Patrick used his update to discuss noxious weeds in Lakeview. Mayor Patrick indicated that he has received complaints about 18 separate properties in which weeds have been allowed to grow too high and left unkempt.

According to Mayor Patrick, the complaints have been face-to-face, and brought to his attention when he was out at dinner or stepped into local establishments.

“I have had business owners comment about the looks of the Town due to weeds, trash and garbage in people’s private yards,” he said. “They are trying to encourage people to come into their businesses and our Town doesn’t look good.”

Town Mgr. Ray Simms raised the issue prior to the Town Council meeting, noting that he has been making phone calls and knocking on doors in an effort to remind people of their civic responsibilities.

In addition to its wild growth, the grass and weeds are also dry. This is a bigger issue, Simms maintained, now that it’s fire season.

“Forests are now going through extreme fire danger,” he said. “If a car set off a fire in an alley and burnt a backyard fence, who knows what would happen?”

In addition, noxious weeds spread without recourse, and if they are not cut down, it will no longer be a matter of eradication, but one of containment.

There are areas in the sidewalks, curbs and planter strips that citizens are also responsible if they rest in front of their properties.

Simms expressed concern for the subject, indicating that he would prefer not to seek further action and that community members would comply. The process, he said, would be long, drawn out and shouldn’t be necessary.

Mayor Patrick issued a reminder. “Just be a good neighbor,” he said. “If it’s an abandoned property next door to you, or your neighbor is elderly or having a problem, lend a hand. It takes but a few minutes to clean it up.”

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