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OMSI brings ‘Magic Globe’ to the Lakeview library

OMSI brings ‘Magic Globe’ to the Lakeview library

A piece of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is on display at Lakeview’s public library this month.  The museum, better known simply by its acronym of OMSI, has developed a smaller-scale version of its ‘Our Instrumented Earth’ exhibit that is currently touring libraries around eastern Oregon.

The exhibit is called Magic Planet, and with funding from a NASA grant, features projections of various features of the Earth gleaned from NASA satellites.

The Magic Planet is a lighted globe that sits on top of a projector.  A laptop, connected to the projector, shows dozens of moving images and programs of the Earth and other planets.

Displays include, according to Nate Lesiuk of OMSI’s Earth From Space program, displays such as Earth’s city lights, climate changes, tsunamis, wind streams, ocean currents, geographic and topographic features and much more.

“The Magic Planet is amazing.  It captivates the senses.  The one we’re bringing out to eastern Oregon is a smaller version of the huge Science on a Sphere exhibit we’ve had here at the museum in Portland,” said Lesiuk.  “People are fascinated by it.  Here at the museum we call it ‘eye candy’,” he added.

The exhibit will be rotated among public libraries in eastern Oregon throughout 2014.

In 2012, OMSI partnered with NASA and Aquarium of the Pacific to create ‘Our Instrumented Earth’, an exhibit-based program, according to the Aquarium’s website.  The program features larger-scale exhibits that utilize NOAA ‘Science on a Sphere’ projection systems with images that were adapted to the Magic Planet display.

To see the globe, visit the Lakeview Public Library located at 26 S. G St.  For more information, contact Lesiuk at 503-239-7817 or Lake County Library District director Amy Hutchinson at 541-947-6019.

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