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Oregon Outback Mining funding is approved

Oregon Outback Mining funding is approved

A company interested in establishing a sunstone faceting operation in Lake County recently received funding through the Lake County Community Development Loan program as well as South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD).

The Lake County Board of Commissioners discussed Outback Mining CEO John Price’s Community Development Loan request for up to $35,000 during a Tuesday, Aug. 6, work session.

Price shared his plans to implement a jewelry-making component in one of the county’s incubator buildings in the Lake County Industrial Park.  He shared his confidence in the economic viability of copper-infused sunstone resources, as well as the jobs that such an operation would create locally.

A stone-cutting shop facility would be set up in Plush, Henry said.

“This company is going to bring us to a level we need to be at for our sunstones,” she said.

Outback Mining has two cruise lines signed up for jewelry showcases, featuring the uniquely Lake County gemstone for a largely international audience.

Henry also noted that the company donated a pair of sunstone earrings for a conference she attended in Elbersley, Wash., along with homemade soaps and related items by Lakeview local Amy Peterson.

Demand is also great for the sunstones by the Oregon Historical Society, Henry said.

“This is going to be huge…,” Henry said.  “It’s not just huge for sunstones, but it’s a way to bring international recognition to Lake County.”

More information can be found online at https://www.facebook.com/OregonOutbackMining.

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