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Oregon Outback Mining updates Commissioners

John Price, president of Oregon Outback Mining Company, recently updated the Lake County Board of Commissioners on its current operations. During the County’s Tuesday, July 1, work session, Price reviewed the company’s recent endeavors, including successful sales through a cruise line customer base.

“We’ve sold quite a significant amount of rough (stock) over the past couple of months,” he said.

Progress on bringing a faceting operation to Lake County is slow, but Price said negotiations are currently underway with KLM Technologies of New Brunswick, N.J. Given the expensive nature of this component of the operation, Price said that the company is looking at another round of funding opportunities.

The company’s goals, according to their web site, include establishing a processing facility in Plush that will provide faceting and appraisal services.  Long-range goals include a Lakeview commercial processing site.

At present, Price said the company has a facility rented in Plush, and is also looking at potentially acquiring the Weee Rock Shop building. Price also noted profits related to the July 12 Sunstone Festival in Plush (see coverage elsewhere in this issue) being donated to the Schminck Memorial Museum. Price additionally confirmed a growing increase in visitors to the sunstone mining area as awareness of this trademark Lake County feature continuing to grow.

He confirmed he would have additional details for the Commissioners at one of their September meetings.

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