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Our Well Being

I am a normal human being. I am writing this letter because I am greatly concerned about all of our well-being. Have you been watching the news on Israel, Iraq, Mexico and our own border; also Russia?

Where are our leaders? What are they smoking and who are they working for? All over the world they are killing Christians (thousand of them) because they worship Christ. If they don’t denounce Christ and become a Muslim they are killed, why??

We need to stop the killing of Christians. Stop Islam from its Caliphate who is bent on our destruction here and everywhere all over the world. Islam is pure evil.

Talk with your pastors and the ones in the know. Talk or write your congressman and stop the Holocaust on Christians and Americans and please support Israel. It’s our future. Please fight back. Please pray for Israel and world peace. Vote Obama out!!

— Donna Veerkamp


2 Responses to "Our Well Being"

  1. 666 7/8ths.  August 27, 2014 at 8:25 am

    Wars always get down to idiotic religious squabbles. This whole Suni Shia crap is like the Presbyterians going to war with the Lutherans. Religion IS the opiate of the masses!

  2. Harvey Winer  August 22, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Amazes me that people with shallow education and knowledge of the world blame our president first.
    Matter of fact, our Congress is the worst in our history, and paid, owned, and operated by the filthy rich, who have tax exemptions, not balance taxes if they pay any at all. Even the techies like Zuckerman, pays himself only one dollar a year wages, and gives New Jersey one million to support his political images for the future.
    Business has over powered both our Christian Belief, and our Government, for any fool can see there is no absolutely no separation between belief and government, as long as they filthy rich corporations’ destroy mom and pop operations with the likes of Romney and Ryan, fiddle dee, and fiddle dumb of this split party GOP Congress whores all of them.

    Split party Tea Party, GOP is so divisional, it can’t wipe it’s own butt, with both hands tied behind them, as the Middle East continues civil wars of their illusional belief of split beliefs of Islam, Muslims are the problem, not the answer, and we are hostages to these Oil Rich Nations of destruction who want to rule the world in a fashion that Hitler did with the Jewish People genocide, that cost us a fortune even then.

    These jihadist, both that are from the United States and other global nations are not in allegiances with our Nation or Constitutions, either State or Federal when they leave here to go there to fight for forming their own country ISSI, these are animals of prey, and every one of them need to be destroyed now, vote any elect who supports, or will not make both our military and monies available for both our Nations Border Control and our military to Defend and protect this Nation First, no more pathways to citizenship by so call reform immigrantation, enforce and rotate those who violate our border laws, and our Nations laws, that are sucking us all dry of monies that are needed by the massive unemployed minimum wage or lower that is sucking up tax dollars as well.

    It isn’t our President that is the “weakest link” it is our GOP Congress, the worst in our history of none government, obstructionists, government shutdowns at our expenses that is not addressing our priority issues, passing laws, and enforcing immigration by Reagan for decades as they set on their butts, sucking up donation monies for this dog fight in November, that is full of waste, incompetence’s, and idiotic fantasy politics with their elite Trillionaire lifer clubs of the filthy rich getting maximum wages, maximum medical, and maximum retirement and to hell with the rest of us legal sworn in United States taxpayer voters, we should kick their sorry butts out no matter what party they are hiding under, with the biggest election turn out in history in November to clean up this freaking mess, and take our Nation back to where it belongs from these fools.


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