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Out with the Same Old, Same Old

It is actually Friday, Dec. 27, as I write this particular column, but the new year will be upon us by the time these words see print.

It isn’t always easy to conjure up new thoughts on a bi-weekly basis, at least those that could be deemed as especially profound.  But in light of the new year, it’s a good time to think in terms of the opportunities that lie ahead.

I’ve never put much stock into the concept of new year’s resolutions – as a professional-grade procrastinator, I’m self-aware enough to recognize such a fruitless personal enterprise – but I do generally find myself reflecting yet another 365 days of opportunity that lies ahead.

Twelve months stand before me to make a difference, and address all those nagging shortcomings that I’ve filed away inside my conscience; and the list of shortcomings seems to grow with each passing year.

First off, I’m a slovenly housekeeper.  There’s no two ways around it, and yes, while I’m also a bachelor, there really isn’t any excuse.  Somehow, there’s always a book I’ve already read or a DVD I’ve watched dozens of times that holds more appeal than picking up a dust cloth or firing up the Hoover.

This little detail could easily be rectified by, you know, doing little bits of housework piecemeal, versus allowing my living space to gradually encroach upon me.  Simple enough solution, but it’s usually the easiest things that are also the most convenient to ignore.

Second personal fault: I suffer from projectis.  I often commence projects with great fervor and enthusiasm, be it one of many personal writing efforts or some goofy little mechanical contraption dear to my heart.

Make no mistake, at some point random challenges ranging from a stuck plot to a stripped bolt head brings progress to a screeching halt.

If nothing else, I look like a great writer, with piles of notebooks stacked on a desk in my living room and books read and un-read in similar disarray throughout my house.  One might also presume I’m a great mechanical tinkerer with the number of small gasoline engines, Volkswagen parts and mini-bikes sitting around in varied stages of disassembly.

That presumption would be, oh, let’s say, half right.

All these things have a shared common factor; just a little bit of work on a regular basis would eventually progress to completion.

If anything, I’ve discovered I’m a master at devising excuses for not making some sort of daily progress toward improving my ill-fated habits.

It seems there’s no short supply for finding a reason to not plug away even a bit at a time, because every word added to the page and every turn of a crescent wrench makes even the tiniest bit of progress in the grand scheme of things.

So what is 2014 looking like for me?

Hopefully motoring on through some of these aforementioned tasks, as it’s a journey with an endless road.

The key is taking that first step. And then another, and then another, and then…

By Ryan Bonham

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