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Outback Mining Company ramping up production

Outback Mining Company ramping up production

Lake County is one of the only places in the world that some of the more unique sunstones can be found. In fact, the only other places to boast that same feat are Africa, Sweden and Norway.

That’s a small list, by any stretch.

Sunstones, which are known locally as the “Plush Diamond,” are available for mining in the Plush-Adel area. Miners work in finding what they can of the unique stone on the free site owned by the Bureau of Land Management.

The Oregon Outback Mining Co. has done very well in turning the rare gem into a hot commodity.

The Mining Co. is doing so well, in fact, that it has just met with the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council to discuss training operations for prospective employees.

It plans on creating a business that will also serve to create local jobs for people in the Lake County area.

They currently have funding in place, in addition to a demand for their product, and plan to start their operation by the fall.

While they’re not yet in full production, they are still selling everything that they’re making.

With the expanded market will come an increase in available jobs, as employees will be needed to fashion, cut, tumble, and produce all the sunstones here, locally. Currently, roughly 90 percent of their stones get sent to Sri Lanka for the brunt of the work and then sent back. With their plan to implement a factory here, trained employees will do all of that locally.

This should serve as a boon to the job market in Lake County, providing jobs, in addition to national recognition for the area in general.

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