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Outback Observations

 Return of the Classic Car Show and Shine

Lakeview’s downtown area recently saw the return of a classic car show and shine after several consecutive years of absence.

The ‘Occupy Lakeview’ festivities included a small yet suitably commanding collection of impressive iron that ranged from antiques to traditional, home-built hot rods.  About 20 cars participated, even with limited time for coordinators Al Bowersox and Mike Beeson to promote this aspect of the ‘Occupy Lakeview’ event, designed to draw locals into local businesses.

As a recovering automotive guy, myself, I remember the vast numbers of cars that thundered their way into the downtown business district for the former classic car show in years past.  It was a car-packed weekend that drew in two sides of uniquely American car culture; show on Saturday, race on Sunday.

But, like so many events that rely upon a volunteer-based workforce to pull things off, the event fell by the wayside.  It’s a familiar tune for anyone that is involved with coordinating volunteer efforts, as the vast majority of duties ultimately wind up falling upon one or two usual suspects; ultimately, folks simply burn out.

But it seemed apparent that the collection of cars that turned out on Saturday, Aug. 3, confirmed the public’s eternal attraction toward bright pastel colors, rumbling engines, swoopy 1950s automotive bodies and gleaming chrome.

Whether one is young or young-at-heart, heads will swivel at the sight of a well-crafted car or truck into which its owner has sunk his or her heart and soul, not to mention ample dollars and considerable time.

Local businesses also apparently saw the value in the inclusion of the event, offering  their support in the form of prizes for drawings, and the like. The Lakeview Business Association paid for all of the Car Show trophies as well.

Car shows are held in considerable abundance during the summer months throughout the region, so scheduling can be a bit of a challenge.  It seems that on just about any given weekend there is an event going on somewhere, but the Internet makes it pretty easy to coordinate scheduling efforts with other groups and community events.

It appears that a formidable start occurred with a couple weeks worth of notice and motivated promotion, so imagine what could happen with a solid base of driven volunteers.

Locally, tourism is a resource from which multiple groups and entities can benefit.  The dollars brought into town by visitors get spent in local eateries and motels can only further enhance the community’s health, not to mention bring awareness to outsiders of all that Lake County has to offer.

All it takes are a few motivated individuals to step and up and get the ball rolling.

 — Ryan Bonham

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