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Paintcare Recycling collects 8,250 lbs

Paintcare Recycling collects 8,250 lbs

Lake County Landfill Mgr. Rick Dumilieu oversaw the Paint Care Recycling program that took place at the Lake County Road Department Shops on Saturday, June 8, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The program is brought to Lakeview every year and the visiting recycling company works hand-in-hand with the County to get the word out. Programs of this nature, according to Dumilieu, typically require a population of 25,000 to be successful. Though Lake County’s population is barely a third of that at best, the County does its best to make sure that citizens are able to do something with their old paint. They also do their best to make sure the program is a success and that the citizens take advantage of it as they start advertising for the event a full two months in advance.

The paint outfit, which takes in old paint that people no longer want, need, or use, and split it into two categories: good and bad paint. The good paint is used, recycled, and blended. After it goes through that process, it goes to big paint stores who then sell it at half the price. Bad latex, on the other hand, goes to cement factories and is not redistributed to the public. Employees from Paint Stewardship Inc., Eric Perkins and Paul Bourland, in addition to Dumilieu, oversaw the recycled drop-offs by local citizens and looked through to ensure that no solvents are dropped off. Dumilieu would like to see a program that would take solvents and other waste products brought to Lake County in the near future, but there are currently none in place at this time.

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