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Paisley Players Spring production a group effort

Paisley Players Spring production a group effort

Did you ever wonder what goes on backstage during the performance of a play? Paisley Player’s recent production, “A Handful of Rainbows” showcased the talent of the actors, but the play couldn’t have happened without the diligent efforts of many volunteers.

“A Handful of Rainbows,” set in 1960s-era Hollywood, depicts the humorous and heart-warming interactions of aspiring actors boarding with sisters Marion (Oceana Morgan) and Meg Bradford (Joie Hoppe).

Verbal sparring between Oceana and Joie brought laughs from the audience.

Pierre Hoppe infused warmth into his role as operatic voice coach Steffan Barcola. Teresa Dawson, was convincing as the wistful, ageing actress Carla Ferguson. With a Southern accent and mincing walk, Priscilla Norris nailed the role of ditzy actress Honey Houston. Howard Wexler, the melodramatic Shakespearean actor, was played with a flair by Ryan Negus. Whitley Negus brought a rich intensity to her role as actress Rebecca Starr, seeking fame and fortune regardless of the cost. Serena Morgan was believable as the vulnerable actress Laura Williams. Newcomers to the stage, Rafael Siemantel from Germany and Alexandra Stepanova from Russia delivered commendable performances as Jeff Donovan and Tammy Grant.

“A Handful of Rainbows” is the eighth production directed by Al Bailie. He used his industrial arts skills to design a set complete with a staircase.

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