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Paisley Rodeo Club, LLC continues equine tradition

A recently-established organization is commitment itself to the long-term continuation of rodeo events in Paisley.

Aptly operating as the Paisley Rodeo Club, LLC, the group consists of a committee that includes Jolie Murphy, Brady Murphy, Martin Murphy, Brenda and Mike Norris and Daphne Story.

Spokesperson Jolie said that the group’s formation stemmed from a desire to reestablish a committed effort toward hosting roping events at the rodeo arena just north of Paisley.

““It was recognized at the 2013 Mosquito Festival that we needed to form a new committee,” she said. “We wanted to have an actual committee put together of people that were committed long term.”

The committee managed to negotiate a 10-year lease with the City of Paisley to hold events in the arena each year.  Among the stipulations of this agreement is that the group holds a major event during the annual Mosquito Festival each year.

A cutting event is scheduled for this year’s festival, marking its second year as part of the community event though last year’s inaugural happening was rained out.

Action will abound throughout the July 25-27 Mosquito Festival, with open cutting, non-pro cutting, two hand working ranch horse cutting and youth cutting scheduled for 1 p.m. on Friday, July 25.

On Saturday, July 26, at 11 a.m., events scheduled include the team branding, kids events, big loop cow roping, and a ranch horse class.

Day three of the weekend will include kids events along with team roping, steer stopping and team doctoring.

Jolie said that the goal is to host at least three events each year, with a roping event set for the end of April, a Mosquito Festival weekend event and a third event held later in the year.

“Our goal, each year, is to provide at minimum three events,” she said.

The club has worked to make a number of improvements to the rodeo grounds. Last year, an underground sprinkler system was installed, and about 15 trees were planted.  The grandstands were rebuilt, and a goal in the near future is to install a permanent cover over them for shade purposes.

The group is also working to rebuild the stripping chutes.

The club meets weekly to discuss planning for events, and at present its main goal is to utilize funds raised from those events to continue improvements in the horse arena.

For more information on the Paisley Rodeo Club, contact Jolie Murphy at 541-219-9063 or Martin Murphy 541-219-0555.

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