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Paisley school to revamp gym

On Monday, Aug. 4, Paisley Public Charter School’s gym started to get a major touch up on its exterior cosmetics.

The two-week project will include replacing all the windows of the gym along with sandblasting and repainting the outside.

“It’s been a real eyesore for everyone for a long time,” said Bill Wurtz, principal and superintendent of Paisley School.

Whitestar Enterprises, a contractor networked out of Bend, will be working on the project having been employed on Paisley School projects beforehand. Last fall the same company worked on re-stuccoing and repainting two sides of the main building. They had done the same kind of project about two years before.

Built in or around 1935, the gym is a central point for the Paisley community as it holds large events. Wurtz said it is about time to upgrade and make it look nice and presentable for the community. “We are looking forward to getting it done,” Wurtz said.

The project will be done in time for the Paisleys girls volleyball practices to begin in mid-August.

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