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Paisley student eligibility changes, donations discussed

A revision of student eligibility requirements for sports and extracurricular activities and recent private donations were two items recently discussed by Paisley School’s Board of Directors.

Draft meeting minutes from the board’s Jan. 13 meeting reported that the district had received donations in the amount of $5,000 and $500 from private, unnamed donors that have both contributed to the district in recent years.

Supt. Bill Wurtz led discussion of the student eligibility policy, reporting to the board that a revision is underway by Michael Jones, Shea Macnab and himself.

At present, the policy is based upon a weekly eligibility determination.

Wurtz would like to see the policy revised in a manner that allows students to improve their academic performance before being penalized at the start of a quarter, the draft minutes reported.

The board also accepted the resignation of fellow board member Jared Kerr, who has accepted a job outside of the area.

Wurtz also reported the theft of two laptops from the school’s technology room (VTel room).  Actions taken include an offering of a reward for information on the theft, as well as the installation of locks on the interior doors of the room.

Wurtz also reported that the school’s staff has been instructed that the room must have adult supervision at all times while students are present.

Action items approved during the January meeting included a 2012/13 audit report, the appointment of Ross Colahan as board negotiator and the appointment of Angela Sanders as board representative for the School Improvement Plan Team.

During the board’s December meeting, Kris McAllister and Mary Jo Hedrick were both appointed to the district’s budget committee, as well as the 2014/15 budget calendar.

Some discussion pertained to the student dormitory, according to meeting minutes.  Supt. Wurtz reported the installation of a generator and propane tank as emergency preparedness measures, amidst other elements.

Public input included inquiries on updates regarding students that had been removed from the student dormitory facility.  The board said it would be the Northwest Student Exchange organization’s decision to return the students to the dormitory facility at this point, according to meeting minutes.

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