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Park not yet ready for off-leash pets

Though a planned off-leash pet exercise area did not materialize this year due to cattle coming into the park, Goose Lake State Park ranger Tim Harris was able to get a fence in to keep the cows out.  The 800-foot fence lies along the lake’s shore, which is now a dry area that allows cattle to roam freely from pastures that were previously cut off by the lake water.

“Without water in the lake, they can go where they want to,” said Harris, “They could come through the park and into the local neighborhood.”  Now that the fence is in, however, he hopes to have the pet area fenced off next season as was planned for this year.

Other improvements around the park, located on the west end of New Pine Creek along State Line Lane, included patios for the host sites, and benches on the northern end of the camping area near two new hiker/biker camping sites.  Planned for next year as well are some improvements to the irrigation system in the park, hooking up an existing well and a larger water holding tank to provide the ability to keep the park watered during the summer.

Goose Lake State Park’s camping areas will be closing on Tuesday, Oct. 8 for the winter season.  Chandler Park’s restrooms will be closed on Tuesday, Oct. 1, being replaced by a portable toilet for the winter.  For more information about Oregon State Parks, visit www.oregonstateparks.org, or call 800-551-6949 for general information and 541-783-2471 for Goose Lake State Park.

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