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Part II Vote Out the Old Guard

No one can tell me: “It was a paperwork glitch” or “It was the computer’s fault.” I don’t believe in computer’s having volition. People do. I do believe in rumors. They provide incentive to do some field work to find out the truth and ways to support it. I believe people try to protect themselves in various ways. Protecting lies is easy enough. What if protecting the truth got easier?

The Russians caught the meteor of the century with their personal recording devices. The media credited the Russian’s penchant for dash cams to their need to control their rogue police force. The cams provided video evidence of their misdeeds and in some cases supported claims against the police. Our police vehicles supposedly have dash cams. I know of one instance where the dash cam was not working. Some of us have phones with sound and video capabilities. Learn how to use them.

I have read about the discussion by County officials about the need for many new cameras and an upgraded security system at the courthouse. The needs of the officials are very expensive. And I want to know who will be watching the monitors.

I say, it is time to remove or vote out some more of the old guard. They have too much to protect. They are worn out and not safe to use. I say thanks to Ulys Stapleton for daring to do the right thing. I say thanks to Mark, and all the others who contributed to changing the odds against the citizens of Lake County. I say thanks to the Russians for sharing their meteor videos.

And for those who don’t drive: Helmet cams might be the answer. We can Cam.

 Bonnie Gonzales


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