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Plans underway air quality summit

A local task force focused on air quality issues is currently planning topics of discussion for an upcoming summit at the end of this month.

A meeting featuring officials from regional offices of the Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency will be held in Lakeview on Thursday, April 25, at Lakeview’s Town Hall.  The meeting will begin at 9 a.m.

A meeting of the local task force held on Tuesday, April 2, focused on subjects to broach later in the month with the EPA.

Expected to attend the meeting are DEQ Air Quality Administrator Andy Ginsburg and EPA representative Kate Kelly.

Agenda items for the meeting will include a discussion on particular matter standards, the PM Advance program and a discussion of the Town of Lakeview’s air quality program.  Points of consideration will include reduction of forest fire impacts and extreme weather conditions that are beyond the community’s control, and the related impact on poor air quality.

Present for last week’s meeting were Town of Lakeview Mgr. Ray Simms, County Commissioner Ken Kestner, Lakeview Mayor Mike Patrick, Rob Thornton, Christy Prenevost, DEQ Regional Solutions Center Liaison Kelly Potter, DEQ Air Quality Specialist Larry Calkins and several others.

Commissioner Ken Kestner noted that the discussion centered around two years running in failing to meet DEQ standards for PM 2.5 particulate matter.  A third year of failure would place the town in non-attainment, and the Town of Lakeview recently engaged in the PM Advance program with a goal of skirting formal non-attainment status.

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