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Poker Run takes advantage of new town ATV ordinance

Poker Run takes advantage of new town ATV ordinance

ATV and motorcycle riders of all ages gathered all day at the Lake County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 19 to participate in the third annual ATV/Motorcycle Poker Run, organized by the Hi-Desert Stormtroopers club.

Riders of all ages followed a 50-mile course that looped through the back hills of Lakeview to Willow Creek campground and back, picking up numbers at seven designated stations plus an optional wild card stop. Upon return to the fairgrounds each number was attributed to a card, resulting in a poker hand for $5 per hand, the best hands winning prizes.

This year marked something different, with participants able to ride from the fairgrounds to the start of the course, thanks to the implementation of the new Lakeview town ordinance 849 permitting a specific set path for ATV users to ride through town and cross the highway.

“I think it’s great,” said Jeff Anderson of the new ordinance, participating in the ATV/motorcycle poker run with his son Devren. “It’s going to get people over here to the ATV park more often, and they won’t have to load up with us now being able to ride right up Bullard (Canyon). We’re going to get a lot more tourism once word spreads.”

Wanting to ensure that riders closely followed the ordinance requirements, the designated path through Lakeview’s alleys and streets was clearly marked with signs and each rider was briefed on the strict policies. Additional signs through alleys in town were marked with verbiage like ‘slow’ and ‘respect’ to further emphasize the caution riders should use in adhering to the new policies implemented in the ordinance. It worked well for the most part except for one sign near the pool that somebody had turned around, causing some confusion among riders.

“It’s really up to us and how we react to the ordinance for how people are going to respond,” said Richie Johnston, president of Hi-Desert Stormtroopers and organizer of the event. “It’s a good starting point to get the rules in people’s heads to make sure we abide and be courteous.”

The top three hands all ended up as full houses, with Emigen Barber taking first, earning $105 and a gas can, while Gloria Wilson had the second and third best hands winning $105, a tire repair kit and a hat. Prizes were donated by KBE- Lakeview, and Green Mountain Bakery also provided donuts for riders.

Proceeds from the event will go towards Hi-Desert Stormtroopers club functions and their ongoing extensive work of local trail maintenance.

To see video of the Hi-Desert Stormtroopers ATV/Motorycle Poker Run, visit the Lake County Examiner’s youtube channel or www.lakecountyexam.com.

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