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Pool Work Begins

Pool Work Begins

Work on the renovation of the Town of Lakeview Municipal Swimming Pool commenced within the last two weeks, said Town Mgr. Ray Simms.

The project’s contractor, Batzer Construction of Medford, began demolition work associated with the project about two weeks ago, Simms said.

“We don’t expect concrete to be poured  until the end of March,” he said, due to prevailing cold weather up until that time.

Simms said a new pool will essentially be built within the existing pool site, as a number of changes have  been implemented governing public pools over the last six-plus decades since the local pool originally opened.

The pool’s length will be shortened to meet the regulation competition length of 25 meters, and will also be reduced to six lanes.  A kiddie pool-style shallow end will be separated by a wall from the main part of the pool, he said.

There are hopes to add a few attractive features, such as slides, but this will be dependent on remaining funding once the primary work is completed, Simms said.

Compliance needs for the project include health department requirements, Simms said, leading to increased overall costs for the project.  A new geothermal well as a heating source for the pool was dropped as a result of these increased costs, he said.

The awarded bid for the project came in at $382,000, Simms said.  At present, there is a concern for the construction timeline, he noted.

“The Town’s biggest concern was making sure if we start we would be able to finish in time to use the pool this spring,” he said.

Simms said the contractor has expressed confidence that the project can be completed in a timely fashion, with an estimated date of completion of May 15.

“Our goal is to have a grand reopening on the 31st of May, which is the anniversary of when it was put into service,” Simms said, noting the pool opened on that date in 1952.

Funding for the project included a $275,000 Local Government Grant from the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation, Simms said.  A total of $110,000 in local match funds was raised by the local community, bringing an estimated $385,000 available for the project.

The project’s conception stemmed from excessive wear-and-tear and a growing inability to make patch repairs after more than half a century of annual operations, Simms said.

“The old pool (was) causing a lot of expense in maintenance,” he said.  “To think that pool lasted 62 years is pretty amazing, I think.”

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