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Positive Donation

There are 50 million people starving in this our United States of America. Fifty million who do not know when or where their next meal is.

Lake County residents in good faith have contributed towards the 3.9 million for a new library… yet we still cannot move in. When I asked if new art books will be purchased, the library director said, “we will not be purchasing new books because the new library will not have any more book space than we have now.”

I’m a voracious reader and love libraries, and the staff is terrific ordering inner-library books…. But I think 3.9 million could have been better spent moving into an existing building “Stan Wonderley referred to the Daly School), buying books and computers, or feeding our hungry, especially the children who will have difficulty learning or reading because of malnutrition.

DeeLoris Benson


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