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Potential land sale schedule change discussion continues

Lake County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson and Lake County Commissioners Ken Kestner and Brad Winters continued talks of potential future changes related to the annual tax foreclosure land sale.

The event is traditionally held on the first Monday each June, but at recent County Commissioner meetings discussions have centered on potentially moving the date back to the first Monday in May.

Johnson said the primary purpose of such an action would be to get more of the lots sold onto the county’s tax rolls, since the tax year starts on July 1.

Given the close proximity to the income tax return deadline of April 15, Johnson also said that many buyers would have better funds availability after receiving their tax refunds.

But talks over possibly streamlining the post-sale process at the Commissioners’ level may do away with the necessity of changing the date, Johnson said.

The Commissioners have received numerous QuitClaim deeds for their final approval following the June 3 land sale.

This is part of the housekeeping aspect of the process, as, at present, all three Commissioners sign off on the deeds, finalizing the sales.

What has been suggested is to require only the Commissioners’ board chair – which at present is Commissioner Ken Kestner – to sign off on the QuitClaim deeds.

By making this change, the process of finalizing sales would be expedited, as at present as much as two weeks or more may transpire before the Commissioners receive the deeds upon which to sign off.

In the event that the board chair’s absence, Vice-Chair Dan Shoun would be next up as far as authorized signators, Johnson said.

This approval mechanism would likely be brought to the next Commissioners’ work session for final approval by consensus, he said.

“We’re just trying to streamline it, now,” Johnson said.

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