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Praising New Museum

Jack Nicol, the Nicol family and Amy Thompson deserve our thanks for their magnificent contribution to the Town of Lakeview. The MC Ranch Chuckwagon museum memorializes the best of our heritage in an attractive, easy-to-understand format for locals and tourists alike.

I was asked by the Nicol family to speak and introduce MC cowboys and families present at the dedication on Saturday, Aug. 10. After the ceremony I realized that there were additional individuals I mistakenly over looked. These deserving folks are: Bill and Elaine Messner (former employees at the MC Ranch) and the late Ernie Messner (long-term buckaroo and ranch boss). In addition, family members Doug and Peggy Walls and Jim and Deanna Walls were present at the dedication to represent cowboys Mike Morgan and Jim Farrell. I apologize for the oversight.

Will Cahill


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