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PRCA certified Rodeo

Lake County’s annual Round-Up, entering its 95th year, will for the first time be sanctioned as a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Pro Rodeo when festivities begin Labor Day weekend.

“Being a PRCA event will bring a better show and more professionals all around,” said Round-Up Pres. Clark Maxwell.  “It came to a point where we had been a sleeper rodeo for a long time, we have a great atmosphere and it was time to make the step forward.”

PRCA affiliation and the Lake County Fairgrounds’ geographic location in Lakeview provides a unique opportunity for the Round-Up, qualifying for sanctioning of three different regional circuits. Due to the PRCA affiliation and qualifying circuits, Maxwell estimates around 250 competitors should arrive in Lakeview for the four-day event Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

“We’re in a unique spot, we can sanction with the Columbia River circuit, California Circuit, and Wilderness Circuit for Nevada,” said Maxwell. “It gives us an added draw because cowboys can compete for each of their circuit’s standing, some will go on to the national finals in Las Vegas, but most are just competing in their regional circuit.”

It’s not just an increase in the numbers and level of competition as a result of PRCA affiliation, with increased competition comes added stakes. The cash prizes will be increased from year’s past, thanks largely to tremendous support from local corporate sponsors. Also the ante is upped with a higher quality of horses and bulls for the event adding to the overall quality of rodeo performances to be on display according to Maxwell.

So many riders are expected that a slack performance, comprised of overflow competitors from the main events, will be held Monday morning Sept. 1 before the Labor Day parade.

In addition to rodeo competitions all four days, other events surrounding the Round-Up will include a car destruction derby, multiple concerts, and school reunions.

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