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PROCLAMATION “National Mentoring Month”

Whereas, January 2014, is National Mentoring Month, and

Whereas, the purpose of National Mentoring Month is to raise awareness of the need for mentors and the impact of mentoring on youth in our Country, and

Whereas, the Council for the Town of Lakeview is committed to prevention services and programming, and is focused on the long-term well being of our community through mentoring, and

Whereas a mentoring relationship has positive benefits demonstrated in multiple areas of a youth’s life.  Academically, mentored youth have improved attendance, better attitudes in school and are more likely to go on to higher education and set career goals.  In terms of health and safety, mentored youth are less likely to use illegal drugs or alcohol, or engage in negative behavior.  Developmentally, mentor relationships improve a youth’s social attitudes and relationships have a beneficial impact on communication and trust with the families, and

Whereas, mentoring has a positive impact on the mentor as well as the youth served;

Now Therefore the Council for the Town of Lakeview Proclaims our recognition and support for the National Mentoring Month During January 2014 and our support for the Lake County Youth Mentor Program and the impact of volunteers in the lives of youth of Lakeview.

Approved this 23rd day of December 2013.

Mike Patrick, Mayor

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