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Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation—

WHEREAS, our children look to us for guidance and protection, our first priority is the health and safety of our children who deserve a stable environment of love and support; and

WHEREAS, child abuse prevention awareness is a community responsibility, finding solutions depends on involvement from all parents, citizens, and organizations thus planting seeds for the future generations to prosper and

WHEREAS, animal abuse is recognized as family violence and can be an early warning sign of a family in trouble, all citizens are encouraged to work together in reporting animal cruelty thus ending the cycle of abuse for all; and

WHEREAS, child abuse and neglect can be reduced by making sure each family has the support they need to raise their children in healthy and nurturing surroundings; and

WHEREAS, we are dedicated to eradicating child abuse in our society, we join together to convey our message of care and hope to families that need our help.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED, by the Lake County Board of Commissioners, and Town of Lakeview Council, that April 2013 is designated as “CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH” in Lake County, Oregon.  We call upon all citizens, community agencies, faith groups, medical facilities and businesses to increase their participation efforts to support families, thereby helping prevent child abuse and strengthening our families and communities in Lake County.

Lake County Board of Commissioners

Town of Lakeview Council

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