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Properties Transferred to Christmas Valley District

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners recently approved transferring ownership of a trio of properties near the Christmas Valley Airport to the Christmas Valley Park and Recreation District.

During a special meeting held on Thursday, April 24, in Christmas Valley, the board took action on the matter.

A month earlier, a request for the transfer had been submitted by Ron Wilson, a representative of the district, who noted that the district was interested in pursuing grant funding through the state Connect Oregon program.

Wilson noted at the time that the district sought to utilize the properties as a potential match toward its Connect Oregon grant request that is sought for improvement work at the Christmas Valley Airport site.

The action would also demonstrate the district’s serious intent to pursue a series of improvements to the airport site.

A fourth parcel that was included in the ownership transfer request, but Commissioner Dan Shoun, who serves as the board chair, said that the commissioners tabled action on this property, which contains a structure and zoned for commercial use, for the duration.

Shoun said that conditions of the properties’ transfer require them to remain in the park and recreation district’s ownership for the next 20 years.

“This gives them some more clearance for the future,” he said, noting plans at the airport for improvements that include additional parking area and placement of fuel tanks.

Shoun noted that Commissioner Brad Winters has been working with the park and recreation district for the past two years in seeking out grant opportunities for the desired airport improvements.

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