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Public Health commercial insurance agreement discussed by County

Lake County Public Health Dir. Mary Wilkie brought a couple items of discussion to the Board of Commissioners during their June 24 work session.

One of the two items was a contract with Moda Health, a commercial insurance provider, which affords the local agency to receive the complete billed amount for vaccines.

The contract, developed by Moda and the Oregon Health Authority Immunization Division, would relieve public health clients of payment for vaccinations, as Moda would pay the County for all of the incurred charges.

Statistics from the past year indicated that the County received $24,138.88 of $26,273.69 billed to the state, resulting in a loss of $2,130.

The board also discussed a civil rights compliance review as part of a triennial review of the agency by the Oregon Health Authority.

Wilkie reported that overall compliance for the department is positive, with the primary issue being a lack of handicapped accessible parking and signage outside the Marius Building.

Within the assessment survey provided to the Commissioners, it reported that the agency’s nondiscrimination policy is not on printed promotional materials, but Wilkie noted that the state materials also do not feature this policy’s presence.

Other lacking items included flashing lights and audible signals for emergency systems, a phone number for hearing-impaired individuals and outreach for services and facilities accessible by disabled individuals, and staff training for communication with sensory impaired individuals.

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